Sunday, August 23, 2009

and the universe hugged me...

it poured and poured and poured yesterday.
i stood at the window hearing it call me
to come outside.
he stood at the window next to me hearin'
his windows at his own home calling him
to close them....

he listened and headed back home to close

i listened and headed outside to feel the
rain on me.

i was gonna walk....but i looked at my
gutters....ohhhhhh......perfect! i can
actually do something practical while i'm
out here! they so needed to be unclogged
in several spots.

nothing better than being practical and
doin' what you need to do while it feels
like playing!

i went around the house to get the ladder
where zakk had left it on his latest secret

smiling, i just felt the rain pour all over
me and it felt like the universe just washin'
tough stuff all off of me.

the ladder is a challenge for me to move.
that sounds soooo pathetic, but it's really
heavy for me. it's one of those metal bendable
ones, only it doesn't fold so easily anymore,
so i walked around the house with this big
ol' heavy awkward ladder i could just barely
move...totally rain soaked, totally loving it.

i cleared the first clogged spot.
whooooosh the water went swooshin' by.
i grinned. looked across my roof and called
out loud to the rain 'look at that! i'm a water
technician! i made it work!'

i held my face upwards....
the rain poured all over it......

i thought to myself 'terri, you moved some
leaves out of the way. hardly something to be
proud of.' didn't matter. i was proud of
myself anyway! it seemed to add to the fun...

i was on my last clog spot when the lightning
and thunder started.

hmmmm......metal ladder.....roof....
i guess i'll head in....

i had just pulled off all the wet stuff,
wrapped in a towel,
wiped up the big puddle i made when the
phone rang.

josh was in the driveway.
he was gonna sit in his car til it let up
just a bit before he ran inside.

my hair dripped all over the phone as
i laughed at him.

i put on some dry clothes, grabbed my
umbrella and went out to escort him in.

'what are you, a wimp?' i joked....
and walked him in.

bob returned and stood there talkin'
to josh. i looked at the dry guys
and thought of what they had missed...

that's okay tho...
it really has to be experienced solo

the universe had hugged me......
and i had hugged back.
and it had felt so good.


Merry ME said...

I agree. There's nothing quite so cheerful and cleansing as standing in a rain shower, hands outstretched, face looking towards heaven. What a delightful kind of hug!

tammy vitale said...

damn, woman, your writing is awesome.