Sunday, August 2, 2009


we explored communication yesterday....

the mars/venus deal was swirling around
us big time.

but what a team.
all the emotional tinkering i do was
paying off.
all the logical thinking he does was a
total asset.

he asked a million questions at first.
i answered. followed his lead.
just blindly trusted him and answered
whatever he asked.

i would throw in a random thought if a
question sparked one.

then he gathered up the answers and
sorted them and laid them out for us
to look at the pattern.

there's been a major life challenge going on
and we've been struggling to keep us healthy
thru it.

bottom line problem we were dealing with?
it wasn't all the things it seemed like....

so if it's not all the obvious things you
would think it was....what was it??


we both laughed.
and groaned.

then he did something brilliant.
without me even knowing where we were going,
he asked me 'what should someone do in response
to this...?'

he made it vague enough i didn't even know where
he was going.

i quickly knew exactly what i thought and popped
it right over to him.

he grinned.

turns out the answer was for what i needed him
to do in a certain situation with me.
and it wasn't what he was doin' at all.

then he told me what he does.

'i hate it when you do that.' i said.

and we were both amazed.

and then he gets frustrated because he feels like
he's offering something, and it only makes it worse....

and we laughed and joked about that....

and he tried another scenario.
exact same thing.


we explored it all together.

like a team.

there was laughter, there were tears on my part,
there was seriousness, frustration, aha moments,
raw honesty, and thru it all trust in each other.

we've been workin' together for a long time now.
some people aren't even married as long as we've
been dating....

there was payoff yesterday.

what we've grown together, what we've worked so
hard on was working for us yesterday.

and still.....we see......there's such a long
ways to go.


that word pops up in my relationship as much
as trust pops up everywhere in my life.

with any luck, it'll be a life time project
for both of us.

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