Saturday, August 1, 2009

sunsets everywhere

i was driving as the sun set last nite.

wow, i thought.....
is this gorgeous or what?!

the windows were open and the air
blowin' in was cool (after a rain) and
it was just gorgeous.

i turned my music off.
wanted to hear the music of the sunset.

and as i drove down the road straight
into it, i saw it was reflected on the
hood of my car.

oh wow.

and i knew that i had to be careful.
cause this kinda thing so distracts me.

i got to thinking about life.
about me.
about where i've been.
where i'm going.
who i am.
and how i felt about myself right then.

and i'd look at the sunset,
and then the hood of my car.

how cool it's on my car, i thought.

i love my car.
it's incredibly symbolic to me in a thousand
ways and i just love it.
and it's holding the sunset right on top of

i let the beauty sink into me.
and i felt my own beauty.
the beauty of my heart.

i knew, last nite, for those moments in
the car, that my heart was kind and good.
i could feel it.

it felt as beautiful as that sunset.

i don't get those moments very often.
where i can feel my good stuff inside of me.

and i knew that it was a moment to hold.

so i drove and held the sunset in the sky,
the sunset on my car, and the sunset in my

and i felt like the luckiest person in the


AlmightyHeidi said...

Beautiful...sometimes when im outside..all of a sudden i hear the crickets, they were there all along, but my thoughts, my mind, rested for long enough to listen..and that sound..just kinda makes things all better.

jChristie said...

Just so you know, I feel your good stuff a lot!

Anonymous said...

kind heart/person lotion, anyone?