Tuesday, August 11, 2009

concentratin' in the right spot....

i was headin' out to bury something in my back yard.
wasn't sure what.
figured just some negative emotions....
when i ran smack into the county inspection guy!

just a routine thing we needed to get checked on for
insurance. i was a little stressed out about it thinking
he might look too close at my house and condemn it or

i was in luck, he barely noticed a thing!

so he side tracked me.

i came in when he was done.

too hot out there to bury anything.

so i buried myself in work.

it's been crazy busy here today.

and thru all the craze and the thousands of things
i needed to deal with with deadlines and such....

i took time to concentrate on some freebie thing
i'm doin'.

cause those things tickle me.
some give away thing a shop owner and i are gonna
do together.

and i got lost in the fun of it.
several other things with the same theme popped up.

freebie stuff to try to remind women that they matter.

and i found all the negative stuff just floating

i've been smiling and creating and runnin' around
like a nut.

maybe i just need to concentrate on my dreams sometimes.

cause they make me really really happy.

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Anonymous said...

You are the neatest person!