Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just a little weird....

apparently i was way more agitated than i realized.

i walked thru the guys' office, didn't realize i did
anything, and yo looked up and said 'you okay?'

at breakfast he commented that every single movement
i was making was quick, to the point, and agitated.
he was laughing.

i wasn't grouchy. just weird.
and the boys were staring at me amazed.

i wanted to talk to them about life and where they
wanted to go with it.

i slammed the rice milk container down.

yo put his head on the table and just laughed.
'never seen you slam the milk down before, mom.'

i grinned.
i didn't even know i had.

zakk suggested we postpone the talk for another

i laughed now.

i'm okay.

you're not.

we all laughed.

maybe not.

we postponed the talk.

i'm still weird.

a friend wrote.
i answered.
she noticed the weird.

it helps to have really intuitive friends.
it also helps that she happens to have a
counseling background!

she gently put out what she thought was goin on.

'you holdin' his anger?'



why yes.
i am.

ya know.......there's nothing like the support
i have all around me.

i am.


i am.

i want to just say i'll put it down.

but i think i need more than that....

think i'm gonna head out into my back yard.
bury something.
or someone.


that'll feel good.
then maybe i can move on......

life is weird.
i'm weird.

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