Tuesday, August 11, 2009


wow i'm in a mood.

maybe it's the heat?
doubt it.
it's not hot yet.

woke up thinking about some shop owners
that totally ripped me off.
they aren't the first ones.

then progressed to hearing stories about
several victims i know.

took a walk agitated about people who think
their taking is justified.
and they justify it by the victim mode they
constantly live in.

thought of something someone just said on
face book that i loved: 'real is in the eye
of the beholder.'

i knew the minute i read it that that could
be way cool, or way icky.

i've seen the eyes of some beholders who
create their own real. and it's not good.
it's way icky.

and i've seen it where it's way way good.

this morning i kept thinking of that line.

i watch people who live the victim role,
and who create their own real, and everyone
owes them.

and i watch them suck the life outta people
around them.

i don't want that energy in my life.

it's so not okay.

and so......if i keep dwellin' on their
garbage this morning, then i've not only
allowed it in my life.
i've allowed it to take control of my day.

oh. that'd suck.

so i'm here to relase them.

and i'm here to use what i learn from them
to go the other way and not be a victim.

if you want your life to be a certain way,
go make it happen.
you're not a victim.

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