Monday, August 17, 2009

congratulations all around...

they're pretty amazing girls.
jeesh...i guess i mean young women!!!
one went into college early.
so they both graduated the same time.
same weekend!

their party was yesterday and we were there.

their parents and i have been friends since
before the girls were born...

at one point i wandered into their library
and browsed thru all the book titles...

i saw one of my favorite parenting books
and realized i prolly gave it to them. i
pulled it off the shelf, looked inside,
and sure enough...a note i had written for
when one of the girls got baptized...


what a long time ago....
my handwriting has even changed since then,
i've added two more kids and lost a husband...

i started thinking of all the things that
have happened in the years we had known each

and then it was time to cut the cake.

everyone crowded around.
i stood in the hallway watchin'....
i got a great view of my friend as she spoke
of how proud she was of her daughters.

i looked at her and remembered a time where
we didn't think she'd make it. where we didn't
think she would survive her cancer and be here
to see her daughters graduate....high shcool....
not even college.

and there she was.

i stood and watched.
and thanked the universe for her being here.

'congratulations to you, too,' i thought....
it's been quite a journey.....


Anonymous said...

So you made me cry---again. I've been doing a lot of that lately, but they're tears of joy, wonder and appreciation. Life is soooo good.
How blessed are we to have so much goodness in our lives and in particular to have our INCREDIBLE kids!

Merry ME said...

How cool is it to have a library lined with the book choices of one's lifetime. How cool to wander thru the room and take note of the titles, the lives, the years.
Sounds like a delightful party. Glad you were there to see it happen.