Sunday, August 16, 2009

testosterone is weird stuff....

so it was time for the jet car wars.
yeah. that's where they hook up jet engines
to cars and race them down the track.
and then there's all kindsa other cars....
and smoke and roarin.....

i was a bit overwhelmed when we got there.
i do some kinda weird thing where i soak in
a crowd's energy or something. and i don't
know what to do with that sometimes.

i took a walk to the bathroom....dreaded
goin in there. ugh. that's not a priority
at a place like this....

as i walked back to the group, i figured
i needed a new approach....

i went right up to the fence to watch,
so i wasn't watchin' all the people.
that helped a lot.

so i stood there and started asking questions.
so um, what's the 227 mean??? josh's mouth fell
open. MOM! i thought you knew!!! that's how fast
they're goin'.

you're kiddin'. don't you think someone coulda
clued me in???

we were laughing. he was amazed.
said you learn that when you're a tiny kid and
it's what everyone knows and it never occurred
to him that i didn't know.

it was a lot cooler once i found that out.


i knew about the 'tree'....mostly...i still
have some questions....but yeah. i got it.
i knew about bracket racing....mostly.....
kinda. i knew about the times and the dialin'
it in stuff.

and when zakk leaned over and said 'ya know
what that is?' and i nodded and said
'yeah, NOS.' his eyes got wide and he was

so how come i didn't know the 227 thing???

so i stood there watchin' and wonderin' about
people. turned to bob and asked him what was
it he was seein'. what was he so engrossed in.

he told me. and started tellin' me stuff about
the cars.

i get it.
i can see what these guys are into and how it's
an art.
i get it.

josh found a girl to fall in love with....
...she broke a record.
i believe she hit 302.
that'd be miles an hour.

it wasn't til i started betting on the cars
that my fun really kicked in. everyone wanted to
go. 'just a little more,' i pleaded. 'y'all are
bein' wimps. it's just gettin' rollin'.'

they all stared at me.....
'one more bet' they said.....then we're leaving.

i grumbled.

they laughed.

what an evening.

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