Saturday, August 15, 2009

owl magic...

just a few days ago josh was tellin' us
about an owl he hears at nite.

i want an owl in our yard! i declared.
and i really really did.

we've never had owls.
once i saw an owl swoop thru the trees
across the street. but never any right here.
been outside at nite.....none to be seen.
we don't have air conditioning so the windows
are open all the hootin' to be

so there we were.....
we were all out in my back yard.

it was dark. a beautiful nite.
josh had his telescope out showin' us
the stars....

i was tellin' some dumb story, when what
do we hear???

an owl!!!!

at first i thought someone was goofin'.


and then......

we heard another!
they were calling to each other!!!!

and then! another?!!!
none of us could really tell. it sounded
like THREE owls....but that's just too
amazing....we were stickin' with two....
sounding like three.

and they were so close to us we felt like
we could reach out and touch them.

it's dark, but i could still see zakk turn to
me. 'this must be for you.' he said.
'you just said you wanted them.'

he couldn't see my smile in the darkness....
but it was there. nice and big.

sometimes i don't know if zakk sees some of
the magic in life....
and then sometimes he says something like
that....and i think he does.

i sat there and listened to these owls
and wondered why on earth i get so stressed
about things.....

it's all good.
i just have to remember that.
it's all good.

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