Wednesday, August 12, 2009


there's always been tremendous energy between
us. from the moment we met. we both say if there
really are past lives, we definitely knew each
other before.

he has offered such belief in me as i have traveled
the bone sigh path, that it has astounded me.

over the years, we have become the place each
other can go to for help when we feel our dreams
getting covered up or fading....

it's understood that that help is only a phone
call away. and those calls have happened plenty
of times for both of us.

he called yesterday. and we spoke of our dreams.
i told him how mine had gotten reignited and how
it was feeling life saving to me right now.

i reminded him of his own. as i had a feeling he
needed reminding.

i heard myself recounting his dreams to him.
reminding him. and it hit me how well i knew what
his were.

how cool is this? i thought.

to know each others dreams.

that's friendship.

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