Wednesday, August 12, 2009

different parts....different seasons....

read something good in this book i'm
now reading....

'the power of a broken open heart'

she talks about the cycles of life and
the cycles of things that make up our
lives. she uses the seasons to help grasp
it all.

one interesting, and should be obvious
point....but for me, it caught my attention...

your life is made up of lots of parts.
and those parts can be in different cycles.
your entire life doesn't have to be cyclin'
thru the same season.

oh yeah.
oh yeah.
no kidding.

that could help my sanity if i realize that.

part of me is wide open and rarin' to birth
things like spring....

and part of me is definitely in a whole
different season......

it's kinda awesome.
and makes me feel less like i've got the split
personality thing goin'....

we sure are some incredible creatures.....

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