Thursday, August 13, 2009

what would you write?

i got a note from a friend last nite.
he had read something about some women
who had written notes to themselves as
if they could give advice to themselves
25 years ago.

he came thru to tell me about the concept
and to ask me what i would write to

cool, huh?

so i thought i'd put it out here to suggest
it for everyone....

what would you say??
seems like the whole concept could provide
a lot of food for thought...and some compassion
to yourself.

a few hours before he wrote, i was trying to
write something for my goddess daughter who
is turning 13 next week.

her mom asked me to make a bone sigh,
she (a musician) was going to write a song,
and another friend (a poet) was going to
write a poem.

so i sat and tried to think of what to tell
a 13 year old.

it seemed to be a theme in the day....
what's worth knowing as you grow older....

i heard from my friend again this morning as i
asked him what he would write.

he said he had to think about it, but that he
already knew one thing....'it will be close to
the same thing my 25 year in the future me would
write. so the advice given for then can be taken

i smiled when i read that.
he's totally right.

how cool is that?!

what would you write? maybe it's worth writing down
for now......

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