Sunday, August 9, 2009

i want to go....

i go to him when i'm really confused
about something and i can't figure it
out. i go to him and ask him to help
me. what is it i can't see?

i trust him to tell me the truth.
i trust him to tell me what he sees.

and he does.

it is in those moments, i know that we
have something precious and something to
hold with care.

i asked yesterday.
feelin' really confused i brought it
to him.

'i can give you a guess,' he said.

what a great way to offer it.
i recognized the gift of the presentation
and said 'guess away.'

and he laid it out there as clear as day
for me.

i knew it was right the minute i heard it.

i think he felt a little helpless in he had
no answers for a solution. and he apologized
for that.

i smiled.

that part was up to me.
i knew that.

but i couldn't even begin without what he just
handed me.

i think the answers involve me stepping up to
the plate.
stepping up to some of my biggest challenges.

i think the answers involve finding things
inside me that i need to find.

i have traveled the beginning parts of that
journey and found much. but i'm not done.
there's miles and miles to go.

feel like i've been kinda stuck and wanderin'
around and he just pointed out the path to me.

it's up to me.
i want to go.

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