Sunday, August 9, 2009

what we found....

i watched with great pleasure last nite.
i watched and held it all with gratitude.

i saw how something big had all come together.

i love figurin' out how i work, how people
work. he calls it my tinkering. and says i'm
forever tinkering with this kinda stuff.

he's been workin' hard for years and years
now tryin' to learn how to parent his sons
and work with trauma. he has traveled far
since i've first met him. and he's always
tryin' to figure that stuff out.

my sons grew up with me. breakfast was
jokingly called 'psych 101' as we'd go over
things happening in our lives or the lives
around us and try to figure out what was
goin' on inside everyone. at some point i
watched them become truly involved and
interested. wanting to learn more.

the trust between my sons and him has grown
so deeply over the years. they have truly
become family. knowing that they are there
for each other.

and there we sat last nite. and i watched
him asking them what they thought was going
on. at first i was surprised he brought it to
them and was so open. it delighted me.
i threw in a few psychological questions to
the mix. and they were off and rollin'.

everyone was trying to figure it all out.
there was building on top of other's thoughts
and workin' together to find some answers.

we didn't find any.

but i didn't care.

i liked what we found. it was something else
entirely....but it is so awesome cool.
and i marveled at how it all came together.....

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