Sunday, August 9, 2009

he doesn't even know...

he was just talkin.
he wasn't tryin' to give me a compliment.

he was explaining to me something he had

trying to explain to me how he viewed
the impact parents had on their kids.
sayin' he felt that they laid a foundation
that the kids could change but it would
always be part of them. always something
they had to work with.

he had originally said it describing a
rough upbringing of someone we know.
but now he was trying to clarify what
he meant.

and he looked at me.
not meaning to make my day.
just sayin'.

like us, mom.
we're always going to be coming from an
angle of kindess and caring. cause that's
what we've learned since we've been here.

he kept going with his thought.

i got stuck there.
i think i'm still stuck there.

that meant the world to me.
and he still doesn't even know what he handed

and that is part of the gift.
to him, it's just a fact. a no brainer.

to me, it's gold.

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