Sunday, August 9, 2009

gluin' and stuff....

life is so different for me without a husband.
i'm actually trying to learn how to fix things!

i was married 18 years and never bothered.
always 'his department.'

well, now i don't want to ask the boys for
anything i wouldn't do.they can fix everything.
so i try to tag along and learn with them.

and it can be so cool!

zakk pulled the car into the back yard into
the shade.

the driver's window had fallen off it's little
track. we needed to take the door apart.


car doors are actually a scare to me as my
ex-husband never ever put one back the way
he found it. once something was up with the
door area, it was over for the car ever looking
right again.

zakk rolled his eyes when i expressed my

piece o' cake, mom.

and off we went.

it was soooo fun!
i can't get over how patient these guys are
with me. they explain everything as we go along
and try to teach me stuff all thru these excursions
we have.

i love it.

wam. bam. it was such an easy fix!
i got to put the window back in the track!
i felt so technical!!!

we're waitin' on some glue stuff to set before
we put the car door back together....
that will be the big part for me.
if we can do that, we're invincible!!!

it's so amazing to me.
all those years of home schooling the boys.
who knew that they'd pay me back and teach
me how to do all this stuff?!!

time to go attend to that glue!!!
fingers crossed.....

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Merry ME said...

When the student is ready the teacher will come. Sounds like you were ready to master car window. You rock!!!