Wednesday, August 26, 2009

just sharin'.....

speaking of gorgeous thoughts...
(and yeah, i was in the post below)

i read something gorgeous today....
from 'my grandfather's blessings' by
rachel naomi remen.

i'm grabbin' it right out of a story
she have to get the book
to read the whole story.

but here's the tidbit that made me stop...

'i was so caught up in the insanities of
the system that i did not remember that my
work is not about changing a world i cannot
change. it's about touching the lives that
touch mine in a way that makes a difference.

.......sometimes when a life of service has
taken us to the fringes of human experience,
what we find there is so overwhelming that
our hearts can break. one might think that
compared to the size of the problem what we
do means nothing. but this is simply not the
case. when it comes down to it, no matter
how great or how small the need, we can only
bless one life at a time.'

i loved that.
just sharin'......

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