Wednesday, August 26, 2009

it's book day! the books are speaking to me today.
this is kinda long....but i loved it.
i have been thinking of love for years now.
tryin' to figure it out. and totally know that
people who have proclaimed love towards me and
others i've watched most definitely are not

i read this and just about shouted to the roof
tops "YES!!!"

'the common tendency to confuse love with the
feeling of love allows people all manner of self
deception. an alcoholic man, whose wife and
children are despereately in need of his attention
at that very moment, may be sitting in a bar
with tears in his eyes, telling the bartender,
'i really love my family.' people who neglect
their children in the grossest of ways more often
than not will consider themselves the most loving
of parents. it is clear that there may be a self
serving quality in this tendency to confuse love
with the feeling of love; it is easy and not at
all unpleasant to find evidence of love in one's
feelings. it may be difficult and painful to
search for evidence of love in one's actions.
but because true love is an act of will that often
transcends ephemeral feelings of love or cathexis,
it is correct to say 'love is as love does.'

love and nonlove, as good and evil, are objective
and not purely subjective phenomena.'

i wanted to just hug this man after i read that.

i guess he touched on a few sensitive spots of


it's m. scott peck from a road less traveled.

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