Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my highlight

highlight of my day....

i meet him and his wife at josh's studio.
we go outside to his truck to look at his
he's brought them to show me.

he proudly shows them off one by one.

we look at each and ohhh and ahhh and
admire the ribbon he won for one of

he shows us the duck he's made.
apparently to make it totally realistic
he needed to actually add some features
in clay.

he explains that to us.

i light up.

ohhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmmmm.....
i look sideways at his wife and grin.
then look at him....

seems to me like that could open a whole
new avenue for you!

maybe you can start sculpting your own

his eyes get big and he looks stunned.

i laugh.

when he's all done he offers to make me
a piece.

it was so kind of him.
i tell him that that's really okay.
but he says he'd really like to.
is there something in particular i'd
like, he asks.

i smile.
and look at him.....

well.......what about a free from sculpture
that you do yourself from your soul???

his eyes went wide again and he backed
up a few steps.

i laughed.

told him to think on it.
i could wait as long as it took.

his wife came to his rescue with another

to figure out something i would like by
talking to josh. and then surprise me.

that'd be way cool, i said.

i don't think that free form sculpture
will happen soon....

but i'm not sure it won't either.

i love that about people.

you just never know.

possibilities abound in kindness.

and there was a whole lot of it all the
way around today......

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