Friday, August 14, 2009

a little laughter before bedtime....

he stopped by for dinner last nite.
i'm always delighted to see him.
we sat at the table talkin' while he
ate....i had finished hours ago...

his enthusiasm over my new life jacket
was fabulous. 'i want one of those!'
he said....he wants to wear it while
he performs, he tells me with a huge
grin on his face.

this enthusiastic burst was right in the
middle of his political themed convesation
he was having. we tease him that he's
attention deficit, and i swear, he is
in the very best of ways.

he gets side tracked so easy, goes off
on a million tangents, makes you laugh
along the way, then comes back to where he

he stayed for a little while, and i was
wanderin' towards my room to call it a nite.
the guys came in to say goodnite. josh
had stayed long enough that he was there too.

the guys said i was still wired from
the coffee earlier and i would never get to

yo and zakk said goodnite and wandered
out. they had had a long day and were ready
to finish it up.

suddenly, i felt like a little kid who was
supposed to be goin' to bed and whose parents
left her in the room with her partner in crime.
i started whisperin' to josh. was tryin' to
tell him a joke. couldn't get it out cause i
started laughing. i laughed harder.

he got right in the swing of it.
he started laughing so hard he staggered
across the room.

it was over then.

i sat in my bed pounding the mattress,
doubled over laughing.

i haven't laughed that hard in too long.
over nothing.
over total and complete silliness.

and for a few moments there, i was a complete
and total kid again.

it was the highlight of my day.

i said goodnite to josh and slept like a darn

or maybe....i slept like a darn kid???

whatever it was the best sleep i've
had in weeks.....

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