Thursday, August 13, 2009

me too.

we met for a cup of coffee.
so much catchin' up to do.

she told me one of her stories.

my eyes teared up as she told it.

we wandered, meandered here and
there....covered all kindsa ground.

when it was time to leave i reached
over to tears in my eyes.

i can't leave without tellin you this,
i said.

told her that her tellin' me her story
inspired me. helped me. i was gonna go
try to love a little more because of
what she told me. told her that what she
offered me without even knowing it was

she reached over and held my hand.
she got teary too.

told me that she figured out that she wasn't
gonna love perfectly. she wasn't gonna be able
to show love in certain ways. but there were
other ways she could.
and she would do the best she could.

i held her hands back.

and nodded.

me too, i said.

me too.

i left that table more than when i arrived.

that's what good friends do to you, i think.
that's what good friends do.

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