Thursday, August 13, 2009

stayin' afloat....

i got a package from a friend today.
opened it up.
didn't see any note....
just the gift.

just sitting there in the box.

a life jacket.

i picked it up and laughed.

how absolutely fantastic.

what a perfect gift from a friend who's
always pullin' me outta the water...

the phone rang.

wasn't feelin' so good after the call.
felt unsettled and upset.

i reached for the life jacket.

that's when i saw her note.

she wrote it right on the jacket itself.

'and i love you too, tess...'

i grinned and slipped it on.

called her.

told her i needed it, so i put it on.

she laughed and said she never thought i'd
really wear it.

you're kiddin'???

i'm gonna live in this thing!!!

i think everyone needs one of these!!!!!

everyone certainly needs a friend who'd send
one. that's for sure.

splashin' in the water....but stayin' afloat!

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