Wednesday, August 19, 2009

more book sharin'......

i was doin' that 'support a store' thing again...
and ordered a few books from them.....
ya know, that's one of the best things for me.
i try to be good to others by supporting them,
and i get all these goodies out of the deal.
that's not too shabby!!!

that thing they say....about when you give you
get more than you give....that's so darn true.

so i picked up the book 'healing the child
within' for the first time last nite. only
because the other book i'm reading was in the
other room.

and of course, the timing was perfect.

here's the two goodies i got out of it last nite:

he described one of the approaches of doing
healing work and he said you depart from the usual
model of having some sort of mental disorder
and you 'reframe your suffering from the old
view of being bad, sick, crazy or stupid to
having a normal reaction to an abnormal childhood

i tell ya...
that one part of the sentence.
i stopped and read that five times.

interesting timing as i struggle with the idea
of being 'damaged'...and definitely
the struggle of being 'bad.' and all that
came up in a conversation just hours before
i read that line.

thought it was priceless.
wanted to share.

also..the author mentions the different names
given for the 'inner child'....

the divine child.
the wonder child.
the true self.

'the child within refers to that part of each
of us which is ultimately alive, energetic,
creative and fulfilled. it is our real self -
who we truly are.'

mmmmm think this book is gonna be sooo good
for me!!!

wanted to share...

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