Monday, August 31, 2009


it's a bit of a wild day today.
really busy, and headin' outta town again
for two days...

i was lost in the whirlwind of keeping up...

i was on the phone with a shop when someone
else called and left a message.

it was someone i met thru bone sighs.
we've only emailed and done some snail mail

there she was. leaving me a message.

her brother just died.
massive heart attack.

she was headin' out to be with the family.
she called to let me know.

she had sent me some of his poetry books.
i really like his work.

hadn't had a chance to tell him yet.

i walked out to my mailbox....
to put in the package i'm sending to the mom
who lost her son....

it's a gorgeous day out.
couldn't be much prettier.

i thought of this woman's brother.
then this other woman's son.

i'm here to see it.
i'm here to feel it.

suddenly, the 'keeping up' with the day

i breathed it in.

we're here.
right now.

have you noticed your day??

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