Monday, August 31, 2009

my appointment

nah....he wasn't any help.
but then again...he couldn't be.
it wasn't that kinda session.
it was a fill him in kinda session.
give him the scoop from my eyes.

and so i did.

i knew that's what i was goin' for....
tho i wanted him to wave a wand and
make it all better.

no such wand.

i did get something big out of it.
i told the story....he'd back me up on
the really bad parts.
'um....i need to go back to that part'
he'd say.

i'd smile inside.
of course he did.
it's big.
it's horrible.
it's icky.

it's become one more story in a thousand
stories for me....

he reminded me.......
each part of this story was tough.
each part was really really hard.

and i was reminded of how big all this was.

i forget.
get caught up in the struggle.
get tired of it.
wish it would all go away.

it's big.
and it's icky.

and on my way home i looked at my sky
and thought about how i needed to hold it
with tenderness.

how i needed to hold me with tenderness.

life is sacred, i thought.
even the hard...the struggle.....
the journey is sacred....even if it is filled
with big icky stuff.

i remembered that this morning.

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