Sunday, August 30, 2009


we were talkin' on the phone.
she was strugglin' with her relationship.
big struggles. ones i know to take seriously
and really talk about. and so we did.

i related to some of the struggles with my
own relationship. said i understood. groaned
and laughed about how hard it was at times.

she stopped me at one point and said 'you do
know what you two have together is really
unusual tho, don't you?'

'yeah, i do.' i answered.
and i do.

the struggles are as many as anyone's.
the difference might be that we both understand
what gold we hold. i'm not sure. or maybe that
we both know how easy it is to lose...

at what point do you lose sight of the treasure
that you had been holding? that you ARE holding.
i don't know. but i see it all the time,
i've lived it.

i don't want to live it again.

so we stole our little time away. and we loved
it. not far, not long....but long enough to see
something we needed to see....

while things are still good...there's a whole lot
of healing that needs to happen between us.

somehow the space away showed that to us.
stuff we couldn't get our fingers on for weeks
as we struggled to try, just showed itself to us
this weekend.

someone once gave me one of the best compliments
ever. she told me i was a 'space maker'....that
i made space for people to be.

this weekend was a space maker.
and it reminded me that i have to make those
spaces for myself as much as for anyone else.
i think i forget that a lot.

i remembered this weekend.


in awe of it all this morning........

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I was a little bothered by your choice of words - you STOLE some time away. That made it sound, to me, like something you had to keep under wraps, something done on the sly, something sneaky. I was going to look up some other words that would more specifically speak to the usefullness and healing of your time away.

By the time I finished reading I realized you'd already changed the word ... to you "made" time. That sounds pro-active and positive. And it sounds like making the time, putting a value on your time together, not just settling for (or stealing) snippets of time together is what your relationship needed.

It's a good point that I must remember myself. Thanks.