Sunday, August 30, 2009

a cool story.

i love working with her.
we have similar visions, similar outlooks,
and she's forever inspiring me.

we've done things together for her customers.
fun things. things that are just for the sake
of giving and caring. and we delight in it together.

we finally got an organized thing goin' tho.
where she is keepin her eyes out for someone to
give a bone sigh away to. for the customer who needs
the perk. a monthly kinda thing...altho now, i see
it can't be so scheduled. it's whenever.

we actually got organized about it. and even made
little cards she can slip in with the bone sigh....

she did her first organized give away this weekend.
(the woman has been doin' her own kinda give aways
forever...that's the way she is)....but this is our
first together organized one.
so she wrote and told me the story.

three women together. the older woman looking at one
particular bone sigh and really relating. the two
younger women quietly letting the shop owner know
that they wanted to give it to her on the sly. would
she quietly ring it up? and my sweet shop owner,
quietly wrapping it up, slipping in the card we made
and whispering to the women that it's a gift from
she and i.

as she wrote the story, i could see the whole thing.
my insides were as delighted as a little kid's!

the women were apparently so touched, they bought a
whole bunch of bone sighs!!!

no way, i thought.
how totally cool!

and as she stayed in the shop late writing out an
inventory for me to refill, two people stopped by.
one was a local with her out of town friend. the woman
was hoping she'd be there late as they wanted to stop
and get some bone sighs!

no way, i thought.

and so my shop owner buddy wrote me this whole note.
about our first give away....and how we got our
affirmation that we were doin' the right thing.....

i smiled.

and wanted to share the story.

there is no way that giving doesn't come back.

and at times, when things are tight and i hesitate,
i remind myself of this. sometimes it takes more
reminding than others....but i have always believed it.

and i'm still here.
making it okay.
and delighting in so many moments.

we need to know it.
believe it.
and keep on acting on it.

it matters.

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Anonymous said...

you are magic
no doubt

*the things you do for love are going to come back to you one by one"

xo xo