Monday, August 31, 2009

come get me....

got that appointment this morning....
so no time for a walk.
but i wanted to say good morning to the i went and sat on my little
porch stoop real quick.

ohmygosh what a morning!
maybe it's a good thing i can't walk...
i'd explode with the feeling of it all!!!

i realized this morning how much weather
affects me.

when it's cool out, i honestly think the
world is mine.

it's gray but there's these clouds skimmin'
across the sky pretty's cool...
there's a breeze and it's not whisperin'
this's laughin' right in my
face.....'come get me.'

and i actually get to drive this morning!
that's always fun when the sky is talkin'
to me.

i start with a drive to see the counselor...

and i go from there.

i can hear the sky laughing still.....
come get me......

i will.

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