Monday, August 3, 2009


i did something wonderful last year.
when i had a little extra cash, i splurged
and bought myself a ticket to the
kennedy center.

i bought the ticket so far in advance,
i thought it must be a mistake. i was just
sure something would come up and spoil it.
and as the date approached, i kept thinking how
good it was i bought the ticket then as
the year got harder and i wouldn't have
splurged on anything.

the ticket began to look more and more
like gold.

but it wasn't til two days before, i
realized how much this meant to me. i got
so excited. and looked so forward to it.

and yesterday i found myself in the opera
house of the kennedy center watching 'the
color purple' as a musical.

obviously, i had heard the title. but i had
never seen the movie or read the book.

had no idea what the story was.

when they first started i wondered how in
the world they'd pull it off.

pull it off they did.
with fantastic style!

it was the perfect show for me to go to.
full of empowerment....

i did a lot of thinking about women as it
went along.

and this morning as i walked i was still
thinking about women.

what incredible creatures we are.

and then of course, it expanded from women
to anyone who's been oppressed or abused...

and who's still managed to not only find their
way thru, but to find their power and transform
their lives with that power.

that's no small feat.
and i get to see that just about every day
thru bone sighs and the women coming thru.

i walked and felt so lucky to be a woman.

i walked and felt so lucky to be free of

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