Wednesday, August 26, 2009

time to take a look....

i was a bit of an oddball on my walk
this morning.
i headed out early. wanted it to get
light as i walked.

and i felt like i had the whole world
to myself. it felt silent to me.

and when i realized i was feeling that,
i laughed at myself.
for pete's sake, ter.....what about
that big truck that you had to move off
the road for?? what about all those
carpenters you just walked by? and what
about all that traffic that is never
quiet that's all around you up on the

oh yeah.
i forgot about all that.

oh yeah.
maybe it's not as silent as i was thinking
it was.

and i grinned.

so what.

i'll make up the silence.

and so i did.

which musta put me in this goofy state
of mind for when i hit the corner and
saw all the traffic.

look at all those cars!!!

and that voice popped up right away....
for pete's sake ter....they're here
every single morning. why are you surprised??

and i laughed at this voice.
it must be maddening for it to have to deal
with me....

but look at them all! i answered.

and then i started imagining what it would be
like if i couldn't see them.
what if i couldn't see at all???

i stood there staring at the traffic.
all the colors of the cars and trucks. all
the different kinds....

i looked over at the trees.
would i be able to draw them if i couldn't
see them anymore?

how about my tree?
and i looked at the tree that i've kinda
named after me. it's a symbol of me to me....
i should know what that tree looks like
without even having to try....

but then again....have i ever really seen it??

and so i looked.

and i looked at the grass.
the sky.
the weeds.

the street.....

the street totally intrigued me.
all the shades of gray. and all the cracks
and patches.
i walk over it all the time.
'it's just a street.'

ohhh no.
not this morning it wasn't.

i walked home in my silent world...
well...silent in that i blocked the
regular noise....and heard the birds and
the crickets and the squirrels.

i created this whole goofy wonderful
world of just hearing what i wanted to
and tryin' to open my eyes to things i

when i got home, i stood watering my trees.
looking at the water coming out of the
hose. tryin' to see that like i hadn't

some of the construction guys drove by,
honked. i squirted water their way and

back to reality, i thought....

and headed back in. reality time.
but who knows what reality really is?

what is it i'm missing every single day??

time to take a look.....

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