Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sharin' loves...

i've got a date today to
see his ceramics!

i met him at josh's housewarming.
one of josh's adult students.
and he does ceramics.
he's been wanting to show me what
he does.
and today's the day.

i'm not a big ceramics kinda gal.
i've got a few pieces that sweet
uncle ed has made me. and i treasure
them. but i'm mostly more a pottery
kinda person.

so the whole thing intrigues me.

he heard i'm an artist so he wants to
show me his art.

i think that's so cool.

i'm still not used to the 'artist' label.
and then to think that cause of that goofy
label, people want to share their art with's all a little mind boggling.

but the idea that i get to go see his art
have him show me what he does cause he loves
it and is proud of it....and he wants to share.

well....that totally tickles me.

i feel really honored.
and lucky.
and excited.

it has nothing to do with ceramics.
it has everything to do with sharin' someone's

what a gift to have someone say, here's a love
of mine....come look.

i am going to return the gift by really looking.
really seeing. and really appreciating.

and that doesn't feel like a giving at all.
it feels like i do the getting.

life is so cool sometimes.

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