Friday, September 25, 2009

anyone got any cash???

there's this really cool thing that
happens in our family that i don't
understand but i love...

everyone passes money around to each

go figure.

it's the oddest, coolest thing.

i don't think the guys know how odd
this is as they haven't experienced any
other way....

which is kinda cool all in itself.

if someone's zippin' out somewhere
and they forgot they need cash, they'll
run thru the house yellin'
'anyone got any money?'

people will grab their wallets and hand
over whatever they have.

'all i got is a ten.'
'i'll give you a twenty for your ten.'

odd comments like that ring out.

josh called recently in a panic.
he needed some money transferred into
his account from my account.

not a problem.

he started explaining it all.
'josh, it doesn't matter.
i just transferred it.'

just as he transferred for me when
i called him in a panic one day.

no questions asked.
no 'when you payin' me back?'
money just flows back and forth and
all over the place.

when we have some sort of reckoning day,
there's a lotta 'don't i owe you for this?'
'wait a minute, i need to pay you for that....'
kinda stuff.

and it's really funny to try to get it all
straight. and no one really cares. it all
works out in the wash is the attitude.

for me, it is one of the most amazing things
about the team we've created.

they say money's really symbolic and powerful.
i think one of the places i see that the most
is here.....

it's not just's trust and caring.
that's the big thing.
no one thinks the other is gonna 'take' them.
no one thinks they have to watch out for themselves

it's a team.
and it operates like one.

as i'm grabbin' my wallet to head out for the day,
i shake my head....

i am wicked lucky.

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