Friday, September 25, 2009

thanking annie

i knew something was goin' on this
morning as i had a buncha newsletter sign ups
in my email box....

sure enough, a friend wrote and pointed out that
annie from soul flares had mentioned me in her

shoot....she didn't just mention me....
she totally honored me.

annie's got a list of followers i would die for.
she's been a hero of mine, and she lives in

she's got her own thing goin' called soul flares
and if you don't know about it, you want to.

click here for annie

thanking annie, and all you guys who are so kind
and generous to me......


Merry ME said...

A well deserved honor!
There's a place on the Soul Flares newsletter about staying for a few days at Annie's place in Vermont. One day I'm going to push that button and go! Only she might have to kick me out after 3 months! Vermont is calling my name. Not sure why.

Melissa said...

*raises her glass*
Here's to you Terri! :)