Saturday, September 26, 2009

enjoyin' each other.....

we packed a ton in on a wonderful day.

and it was awesome!

even the traffic and parking went smooth
and zakk drove and i didn't go nuts.

there was the cab driver that gave us
his parking meter spot as we were diggin'
for quarters (he had lots more time than
our spot)

there were the guys workin' in the manhole
where we (okay *i*') got to peek in and

there was the breeze thru the museum so
fast that all we got to see was the building
but it was still filled with fun and laughing.
and lots of pictures.

there was joking and horse playing and laughing.

there was trying to pick a favorite painting
in the east wing (art gallery) and being totally
moved by one exhibit. still kinda carryin' it with

there was lunch outside at a restaurant that
had more than one vegetaran choice!

there was wandering and stopping for a coffee
break and people watchin, guessing what each
person was like...

there was laughter, there was talking.
there was home and games and watchin' 'the
west wing'....

there was dinner with bob and presents and
ohhhing and ahhhing.

there was much banter around the table.

there was dessert and finishing up and more
west wing.

there was the goodnite where yo said he had
the best day ever and both brothers nodded
and said how good it was.

we had celebrated all the way into the next
day.....and we all went to bed smilin.

that's another good thing about birthdays...
they remind you to stop and enjoy each other.

and we so did.

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Merry ME said...

A perfect example of my kind of birthday ... the kind that lasts all day (or longer!)

I love reading about your outings with the boys.