Saturday, September 26, 2009

i love how they play...

i love the relationship between bob and josh.
there is an incredible amount of banter between
them. really good fun teasing, some incredibly
insightful talks when the time is right, times
when each seeks the other for help or thoughts,
and a sense that the other will be there for them.
all rolled into this incredible playfulness between

one of their games is to see if they can get the
other in trouble with me.

josh figured out last week that if he could convince
me that i needed diamonds from bob, then he will have
gotten bob big time.

he naturally announced this to both of us as we
were walking by a jewelry store.

i took the bait in a heart beat.
(now, no, i don't want a diamond from bob...i don't
want a diamond from anybody. if i wanted some cool
jewelry, it'd be of a different kind....but what the
heck i can play too!)

so i started in on the diamonds.
ohhhhhhhhhhhh i need one!
and i started teasin' him about all the diamonds he
musta given his ex-wife.

and the games had begun.

last nite, bob burst josh's joyful diamond bubble.

he wrapped up this incredibly funky kids ring...
altho it fit maybe it was like a goofy
halloween costume's a big huge plastic
diamond ring.

complete in a funky little case and everything.

and the thing is....i love goofy stuff like this.
i will actually wear this around.

i opened it up, exclaimed 'it's a diamond ring!!'
and immediately slipped it on!

put it on my right hand telling him i didn't want
to be pushy and grinned at him.

and josh hit the table with his fist.

i laughed.
waved it in front of everyone and wore it all nite.

and with that goofy three dollar ring (yeah, prolly
was more than a buck..) josh admitted defeat.

i laughed.

i love how they play.

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