Sunday, September 20, 2009

a fun moment

it was a spontaneous run for coffee thing.
okay, i'll meet you there.

it's a straight shot from my house
to the coffee place in the next town.
it's 7 miles away. straight down a highway.
about as basic as you get, i've traveled it
about 8 gazillion times.

he called as i was driving. he was just pullin'
up to the place. 'where you at?' he asked.

'ohhhh well....i'm not sure.' i answered.
but there's an incredibly beautiful hill here with
'those yellow flowers all over it. ohmygosh
it is so gorgeous you could crash just looking
at it!'

he barely lets me finish before i hear him
raisin' his voice.

'TERRI! you've lived here 20 years....i ask
you where you're at and that's the best you
can do?!!' and he just starts to laugh....

but you should see this hill......

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