Monday, September 7, 2009

a fun play

years and years ago, my family got hooked on
a VHS we had of a play called 'you can't take
it with you.'

it was odd we got so hooked on this thing.
it's a play, not a it's totally
different....and it's just an odd play.

but we loved it.
gave it as gifts, and no one else loved it.
we kept sayin' 'you have to watch it a few
times to really enjoy it.' no one was buyin'
into that tho. just us.

it's been years since we've seen it.
we dragged it out last nite, and i was
slappin' my legs over some of it.

i looked over at zakk....he was smiling
big time and laughing.

i was surprised. and delighted.

we took a break to grab some food and we
all started chatterin' about how much it
reminded us of our own family. how before
we liked the play just cause we liked it.
now we liked it because it reminded us so
much of our own weirdness.

it's just a family of weirdos doin' their
own things....complete with fireworks in
the basement and bangs goin' off from them
in the background.

there'd be comments all thru like 'that's you
zakk. that's what it's like living with you.'
or 'oh mom, that was so you.'

it was just a delight to stretch out and laugh.

i've been feelin' way tense inbetween some good

way tense.
like a tight rubber band.

i feel it again this morning.

know i have to do something about it.
and no sure what.

funny too......the whole theme of the play is
about relaxin, enjoyin' life and doin' what makes
you happy.


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Merry ME said...

I love hearing about your "weird" family. Interspersed with all life's drama there is always a tale about sitting around the table guffawing. I think you're on to something!