Monday, September 28, 2009

ick and all...

so i got this little icky note.
not all notes i get are nice.
some are icky.
i think email allows ick to come out

i react to ick.

luckily tho, there's too much happening
around here today to dwell on ick.

but i did think about it a bit.

as i got up to head out to the mailbox i
wondered can i feel just as lucky, just as
blessed after an icky note as a good note?


do i still feel like the luckiest person
on the planet? i asked myself as i bopped

the breeze is incredible today.
it blew across my face....
i looked up at the sky that's screaming
beauty to me.....

and i smiled.

i can still feel like the luckiest person
on the planet.
ick and all.
how cool is that?

back to the good stuff......

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