Monday, September 28, 2009

trust the process

he came to me with a situation.
i knew i was too close to be clear.
so we called in back up.
our back up is so logical and helpful.
and i'm so grateful for it.

he still doesn't have an answer.
but he's got some guidelines.
and he's thinking it all over.

i stressed a bit on my walk this morning
wanting to give him a great answer and
tell him what's right.

even if i had the answer, i'm not sure how
helpful that is. you can't feed people your
answers for their stuff.

that's not an issue tho since i don't know what
to tell him.

i told me, tho, to accept whatever he does.
and allow him to make this decision for himself
without my interfering.

and it occurs to me that whatever he does ultimately
doesn't matter.

what matters is the thought that is going into this.
and the very real attempt to be an honest person
doing their best. and that's what he's doin'.

it's the process that counts.
that's what gets us growth.

even the stepping back on my part is the process.
and that's what's gonna get me growth.

trust the process.
i've told myself that a million zillion times.

i think it's a good thing to do.

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