Wednesday, September 2, 2009

if you could....

i was just showering the trip off.....
ahhhhhh the hot water felt sooooo good.

i pictured a moment and smiled.....

we were sitting outside with his pop.
i asked his pop if he could do it over
again, and be anything in the world he
wanted to be....what would he choose?

a doctor he said. general practitioner.
who knew?
not us.
we talked a bit about it.

came my turn to answer.....
imagine my delight when i thought of it,
and wanted just what i had.
ohhhh how cool is that?!
i turned to him and told him that i really
really loved my job.

my guy looked at me.
got that teasing glint in his eyes.
'you wouldn't want to be a butterfly?' he asked.
and grinned that grin of his.

i didn't miss a beat.
looked him straight in the eye.
twinkled my eyes at him.
'i already am.' i said.
'don't you remember butterfly woman??'

i watched his face.
i could see all the gears of logic jam in his head.
and there was a long pause.
and then a silly grin.
and he shook his head.
'i shoulda known that one.' he said.
'i can't believe i didn't know that one.'

i laughed.

turned to his pop.
he never asked.
never cared what the heck we were talking

that's part of his choices.
to not see anyone.

i smiled at him anyway.

because sometimes you just have to love
people where they're at.

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