Thursday, September 3, 2009

my dump truck's back!

first walk in forever.
gorgeous morning out.
it feels so good to be home.
so good to be back to my day.
i wrapped my neighborhood around me
like a comfy worn jacket.

i walked and just felt good.

and then.....i saw it!

the dump truck!

the dump truck's back!

i got a huge huge smile on my face....
it was sittin' there warmin' up.

i walked up to it, tried to look inside,
but he's got the windows tinted so i can't.
waved just in case he was in there...
and kept goin'. with a gigantic smile.

he used to be my neighbor. well, down the
street neighbor.

one day....the only day i ever had a real
problem when i was his dump
truck i put between me and some scary guys.

i got around his dump truck.
and then when they pulled in to his drive
way to intimidate me,
i went up to his porch.
they left.
i stayed a bit.
sat on his porch scared to death.

after awhile, i walked home.

from that day on, i've carried a cell phone
with me when i walk.

but i always felt like it was the dump truck
that took care of me that morning.

and the dump truck driver's house.

well....the house burned down to the ground
a good bit ago. it took forever for them to

and there.....this morning......
the dump truck stood warming up.

i couldn't believe how good it was to see it
back. to hear it doin' its noises.

ahhh it's good to be home.
and home just got even better.

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