Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the little things...

i reached to put my earrings away,
and i smiled.

he came over special last nite.
i was happy all day looking forward
to it.

i put on my 'he's coming over special'
earrings on.

he generally knows by now that i do this.
gotta put my 'going to the drag race'
earrings on. oh, i gotta find my 'going
out to lunch earrings.' 'oh wait, i need
my profound earrings on.'

he knows this.
but has trouble keeping up.

last nite i smiled at him and said
'did you see my earrings? i put them on

he looked.

'ya see?' i asked.
'they're my 'bob's comin' over special' earrings.
the hunter brown ones for my hunter
and the ones with all the hearts cause
i love you so much.'

he laughed.
'i know you make that up, but you always
make it sound like it's true.'

'it IS true!' i smiled.

putting them away today, i thought of that.
smiling, i thought 'it's the little things.'

and then i thought....
if you've got the little things..
then you've got the big tings.
cause the little things make the big things

the little things had been disappearing a bit.
but they've come back. and they feel so good.

i hung the earrings up.

i wanna keep those little things good.
real good.

and i want to keep them alive. and around.
and part of our relationship.

i know there's a whole different set of
little things. there's a whole different flavor.
bad little things. not the good little things.

the little things that end up eatin' a relationship
alive....the ones that kill marriages and friendships.

how there's two direct opposites of little things.

one i want to fill our lives with.
the other i'm trying to keep out as much as possible.

the little things.
they're way important.
both kinds.

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