Wednesday, September 30, 2009

lotsa levels

respect and admiration.

those two things are big things.

thinking of those two words this morning,
i looked at the day i had yesterday.

i met two of my best friends for coffee.
when we are together, i always notice it.
the energy between the three of us is no
less than amazing. and as i looked at the
interactions and all the things that make
it good...i see that runnin' thru everything
with us is respect and admiration. it's so
totally there.

i thought of my interactions with my sons
and yep.......guess what runs thru those....
same thing.

and then i thought of hangin' with bob last
nite. sure enough..we've got it goin' too.
...respect and admiration.

those are so totally mixed into all my main
relationships that it's blinding.

and i thought of the ones i struggle with.
oh yeah.
guess what's lacking.
there just isn't the respect and admiration
at all...or very little....
and having relationships with that goin' on
is really really hard for me.

it's so obvious, it's a no brainer.
and yet, i don't think i realize it very often.

so what if you don't have those things?
well, ms. can't really have the
same kinda relationships, can you?
they all can't be as good as with your best
friends, your sons and your guy.

a no brainer.

so why do you struggle with that all the

you can't respect and admire everyone.
it doesn't work that way.

so see that.
know that.
and accept all the different kinds of
relationships you have on all the different
kinds of levels.

there doesn't have to be just one level.
can't be.

and that's a good thing.
stop fighting it.

it's a good thing.

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