Wednesday, September 30, 2009

day break...almost

i wait til it's light to walk.
it's my part in being safety conscious.

but yesterday i had to go a bit early so
i got to see day break.

ohmygosh....there is nothing like day break.

so this morning as i walked thru the living
room i noticed it was happening again.

day break again.

i gotta go see it!

i was still in my pajamas.....
i started runnin' all over the house.
i gotta get out there.

grabbed my shoes and sox and flew out
the door.
was gonna put them on on our front stoop
just so i wouldn't miss it.

as i put them on, i looked at the sky.... was gorgeous.

but yeah, i had missed those moments.
the ones that are squeeze your soul so
tight you can't breathe moments.
magic moments.

but i was out there anyway.

and it was gorgeous anyway.

and my soul was feelin' pretty tickled anyway.

i walked looking at the sky.
feelin' my jeans on my legs.
they were so soft.
they felt so good as i walked.

the sky was really cloudy.
layers and layers of clouds.

i looked over my shoulder to cross
the street and saw a pink spot way up high.
i started walkin' backwards so i could look
at it.
pink spot just kinda shining there.....

when i got to my goodmorningworld spot, the
layers and layers were so close i felt like
they were a ceiling. i gasped out loud when
i saw this pure white cloud up against a dark
gray cloud. ohhhhhh......

and i smiled.

the sky is always perfect.
it's always magic.
it never ceases to delight me.

and the world was mine this morning.
all mine.

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