Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the love

got a two line email last nite from
a friend.
she has cancer.
that's all i know.
she's gotta go to the doc and figure out
what's up.

obviously, she's on my mind.

but i didn't want to put it out here because
i didn't want to give it any more power.
i want to wait and get the good news that
it can be all taken care of. that's what i'm
holdin' out for.

yet, not writing about her felt wrong.
i care too much.

so what do i do?

and i thought of what had happened because
she was on my mind.

i went to facebook and posted a one liner about
holding a friend in my heart.
if she had trouble sleeping and was browsing
around, i wanted her to see it. i knew she'd know
it was her.

i wanted her to know i went to sleep thinking of

this morning, i came down to a bunch of comments
from friends reaching out to me. holding my hand,
sending hugs, 'coverin' my back', thinking of me.

i was stunned.

i had put the note on there for her.
and i got so much support for me.
which somehow ties in to her, because we all
tie together.

on my walk, i thought about how i didn't want to
dwell on the cancer in my blog.

well, what did i want to dwell on???

and i thought of the facebook thing...
the love that just stunned me this morning.
the connections between so many people.

that's what i want to dwell on.
the love.

and i thought about my life.
someone once said to me that i had created a life
of love.

i was surprised when i heard it.
i hadn't ever thought of that.
and yeah, i am surrounded by love.
and it took that comment for me to really look and

we all are.
and the more we focus on it, the more it comes around.

the more we see it, the more we can feel it.
and that's what i wanted to focus on for her this

the love.

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