Monday, September 21, 2009

the weather

i met my UPS man in the driveway and i was
ohhing and ahhing about the morning.
it is SO gorgeous out there.

he graciously agreed and we talked weather
stuff for a bit. we said goodbye and
turned to go our separate ways
when i turned back around and said
'gosh, eric! would you just look at it!
can you believe how gorgeous it is?!'

he looked at me like i musta crawled outta
a cave or something and said 'we were out
yesterday and it was just as pretty.'

i laughed.
said yeah, i knew.
i had been goin' on about it for a few
days now!

we walked away laughing.......
i wonder what's wrong with me.
i can't get over how pretty it is!!!

1 comment:

Sorrow said...

I find myself wishing I had the same thing wrong with me...