Monday, September 21, 2009

a little piece of heaven

how the heck can it be that it takes me
til my 48th year to realize how incredibly
gorgeous september is?!!!

i was walkin thinkin 'i love september!
september is my new favorite month!'

then i laughed.....
i don't have a favorite month as most
of them are my favorites when i'm in them.

but my gosh, i don't think i ever saw the
beauty like i have this year.

and i got to thinking...i think i see pain
in a deeper way as i grow older. and ya know,
i think i see beauty in a deeper way.

if it keeps progressing as i grow, wow,
the beauty will be knockin' my socks off.
and no, i'm not even gonna think about what
the pain will be doin'....

'it's a little slice of heaven out here,'
i thought.

my own little slice of heaven.

i get to start the day with dessert first!
cause i honestly do think my walks are my most
delicious part of the day.

i made a conscious effort to breathe it in.
to hold it in my cells and then breathe out
some of the beauty.

i'm gonna be breathing it out all day.
i filled up good when i walked!!

a little piece of heaven right inside me.
all around me.

how cool is that?!

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t2 said...

THIS, my friend, is truly the essence of YOGA - "T" style :) And, btw, when we experience what I call a "yoga growth spurt," i.e., heightened body and Self awareness, it is absolutely true that EVERYTHING feels richer, stronger, deeper, and yes, more painful at times. Super-keen senses and a marriage with oneSelf - GUARANTEED RESULTS!