Thursday, September 3, 2009


so i'm in a 'this is my neighborhood and
i love it mood.'

yeah, i noticed.

and went with it.

it definitely is a place i want to leave

but not right now.

and today i love it.
i like the mixture of people.
i like the income level here.

i was just in a really rich area....
and was pretty and all....
but i don't know....i like this place.

when i got to my goodmorningworld spot it
was like the heavens had opened up and
shone extra bright to welcome me back.

i looked up at the gorgeous sky....
grinned at the gazillion cars...
they even looked friendly......
felt the breeze...

this is my place.
my life.
my gift.

i was reminded the last two days of
what i have.

today i'm holdin' it with all of me
and appreciating what i've got....

1 comment:

Meredith said...

Awesome. I needed this -- I've been feeling "stuck" in a place that doesn't fit me after a dramatic move 8 months ago. I'm trying to change my attitude and discover what is here with an open heart :)

I felt your joy, and it inspired me!