Saturday, September 12, 2009


and i thought i was gonna be quiet....

just got home and wrote the ladies in
tonite's concert a note.

think the thought may be worth sharing....

it was two women performing tonite.
one of the women has parkinson's.
i've written in here about her before.

at intermission, i went up to tell her how
much i was enjoying the show.

she was feeling bad as she wasn't performing
as well as she wanted to.

i told her i wasn't noticing. that it was
just awesome.

we talked a bit more and i took my seat.

the thought of her feeling bad when her performance
was so lovely bothered me.

i just wrote her about the visual i had earlier.
the one of the light streak going thru the black
darkness. how i had opened my heart like i had
wanted to this weekend and how it had been a struggle
for me. (see post below)

i told her that i didn't do it as smoothly as i had
wanted to. i didn't do it as easily or as gracefully
as i had hoped. the details were not what i wanted.
but i had achieved the goal. and the end result was

i told her i stood before the light and claimed what
i had done.

i told her that if she felt bad about the details,
i didn't see them. if it wasn't as grace filled or
easy as she had hoped, i had missed it....all i saw
was the perfection of her art touching my soul.

and that was perfection.

made me think of all of us.
all of us gettin' hung up in the details and wishing
we had done better....and maybe missing the part
about the end result bein' awesome.

wanted to put it out here for that......

perfection is all around us.
wrapped up in a mess of imperfection.
how totally incredible is that?!


Merry ME said...

The trick is keeping our eyes open so we can see what's all around us.

Finding diamonds in the dumpster must be the message the universe wanted me to hear today.

As usual, you have summed it up beautifully!

AlmightyHeidi said...

HUGS HUGS HUUGS HUGS..I wish love did not hurt, sometimes it does in order to grow in places we never knew possible...but darn it, it just plain out hurts. You have had quite the weekend..dont forget to breathe!

There is a quote I love "to get to the end, we must go through first"

Heidi ;o)

peggi said...

wow terri! isn't it amazing to be "perfectly human"?!