Saturday, September 12, 2009

a streak of light

we hugged goodbye and commented on the
time together....way healing.

way hard.
way way way hard.
and way healing.

at one point he looked at me and said
'all this needs to come up. it's the only
way we can go thru has to come up

i knew he was right.
and so grateful he knew this.

i finally did it.
i finally finally finally got to the point
i had been trying to get to.

i took a moment and closed my eyes.
i saw a streak of light shining thru a black

in my mind, i got on my knees and said
'i did it!'
and i bowed to the light.

i found my way to the loving spot i had so
wanted to get to. it was one heck of a trek.

i felt like i could stand in front of that
streak and say 'i did it.'

opening my eyes, i told him.
he laughed.
it was a good laugh.

i am so totally exhausted.......

off to sit under the stars and listen to
one of my best friends perform.

just what i need right now......
just what i need.

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Bless you.